Friday, 17 April 2015

'All About Patience' by Sonya Oldwin

She hikes down to the lake, drops her line and waits for a fish to bite. Five minutes in and she begins to wonder how long it’ll take. Stinkin’ fish. To think Bob made her catch her own flies, ‘cos ‘that’s how you do it.’ Her foot starts tapping all by itself.

‘Wouldn’t do that. Scares ‘em away.’

She looks up. The old man looks at her foot. She stops tapping.

‘You Big Bob’s grandkid?’

‘Sure am.’

‘Sorry ‘bout your mother.’

She nods – easiest way to accept sympathy.

‘Bob make you come here?’

‘Sorta. Said if I wanted, I could catch a fish. Bob said, “Prove it.” ’

He gives her a lopsided smile.

‘Better make sure you do, then.’

‘Yeah, I know.’ She pauses. ‘How?’


He unfolds a tripod stool and drops his line.

‘Some things take their own time.’

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  1. I like it. I'd like to hear the rest of their conversation.


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