Friday 17 April 2015

'Rose Petals' by Susan Shipp

She lays there, my other identical self, older than I by twenty minutes.  Her eyes are closed, and her breath laboured.  She clings tenuously to life – fighting to stay with me.  She will lose.  I knew that in my heart, long before the monitors told me so.

            A warm breeze filters through the open window of her hospital room, carrying the heady scent of rose; her favourite flower.  Letting go of her hand, I ease up from the chair by her bed and move to the window, arriving in time to see a rose-petal fall softly to the moist, warm earth.

            For a moment, I smile, and the years tumble away and we are children once more …

            ‘Hurry up Jude.  We must get them before they turn brown.’
            ‘Let me finish this page.’
            ‘No, you must help me now.’
            As usual, I put my book down and follow my sister’s instruction.  She will not stop until I do.
            ‘Go and get a dish: the one with the pink roses.  I’ll start collecting.’ She dips her head back to the task, safe in the knowledge I will do as she bids.
            As I run into the kitchen, Mum is smiling.  She hands me the old ceramic pink rose-patterned bowl, and a jug of water.  ‘Best take the water now, or she’ll send you back.’
            Crouching down beside my sister, I hand her the bowl.
            ‘Did Mum see you?
            Starting to collect rose petals, I shake my head.
            ‘Good.  It’s a surprise.’

In the warmth of the hospital room, I look back at my sister.  Still, no movement.  No sign she can smell the scent she so loves.  But as sure as I am in my heart of losing her, I know there is time for one more rose-petal collection.

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