Friday 17 April 2015

'Inflatable' by Clare Archibald

Matthew watched her turn her self- consciousness inside out as she faked striding into the class. To him, Cara was a cow, udders waiting to be milked for all they were worth. Bagpipe tunes came floating through his head. I love a lassie, a bonnie bonnie lassie. Except he didn't, or at least that's what he wanted her to think. The udders became bellows that he could use to breathe through her. He could make her pop whenever he wanted.

She sat down rummaging in her pencil case as if it was a huge rucksack.

“Hey Cara, want to sit next to me?”

He waited the required second. No additional puffing required. Her face was scarlet. He could almost taste the sweat dripping onto the pencil being crushed between her fingers. She ignored him, just like always. He’d have to accelerate. He moved from his row to the desk directly behind her, and felt her pretend there was no panic. He breathed out loudly, watching to see if the hairs on her neck stood on end or were singed with the red glow shooting up her.
“Can I borrow your rubber Cara? I don’t have any on me today”
This was it. The volcano moment, the big pay off, surely the hint of sex would have her holding her head in her hands, halo of heat escaping to nowhere. Matthew puffed his cheeks out ready and waiting to blow air over her deflated cheeks. He’d sit on her desk and tell her he’d cool her down…
Cara stood up; he couldn’t see her face at first but God he hoped she was crying. Steamy Cheeks, what a great nickname. Instead she blew up above him, inflated with derision

“You can’t really rub out your pencil dick though can you Matthew?”

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  1. Enjoyed this - a short blast of revenge hitting every man where it hurts. Nicely done.


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