Friday, 17 April 2015

'Needs' by Emma Collins

I have always been insistent on the correct use of words. My father paid for my education; a fact I was reminded of daily. Olivia, he would say at a cool distance, stop twittering for my attention and find companionship in your books, and so I did. The world of words had always been clear to me.

So when my husband told me he was leaving, that he needed to be with this …girl, I was incensed. He didn’t need to be with her, he was like a spoiled snotty child hanging off its drippy mother in the supermarket, clamouring for a new toy.

A need is a lack of something deemed necessary for example look at me now; I simply have to go shopping, and the items I need to carry on life as before are simple: a sheet, a saw and a shovel.

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