Friday 17 April 2015

'The Red Chair' by Christine Henderson

She looked round the empty room one last time. Except that it wasn’t empty, not quite. She stared at the chair, not wanting to touch it. She could always have thrown it out, taken it to the tip, but she had needed to keep seeing it to realise how far she had come since that terrible day.
But now, with the opportunity to move somewhere new, she felt that the time was right to leave the red chair behind.
The new tenants could do what they liked with it. Perhaps they’d be glad of a spare chair, even a hard plastic one like that. It might be used in a child’s room, somewhere to sit while struggling with homework. It could be taken outside, something to relax on and enjoy a cup of tea in the sun.
            To anyone new it would be just an ordinary chair, not one a policeman had picked up and carefully placed in the living room. No one else would have seen it where she had, lying on its side at the bottom of the stairs. That’s where it had landed after being kicked over, leaving him hanging there, suspended from the roof beam in the loft.

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