Friday 17 April 2015

'Right Eye' by Isabel Costello

They say our eyes are almost full size from birth, windows to the soul for those who have one.  And Sarah, yours were talked of from the day you were born.  How huge and beautiful – more so than any other baby’s – how unusually shiny and expressive! How very unusually not the same colour.  Not even close.
The left one the green of plastic ferns, a shade not seen in nature.  The other, so so blue.  But not just any blue for you, Sarah.  All oceans, gems and skies combine in this exceptional hue.
(Both of mine are big sister brown.  Brown as –)
Sarah, how you’ve dined out on those eyes, been loved, fucked, promoted and admired.  I never knew which was your favourite.  They both picked up such pretty reflections: of the sun, your dress, your brilliance.
But when I had to decide which to take, it seemed only right to choose the green one. The flashing lights would be blue.

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