Friday 17 April 2015

'Schoolgirl... Waiting...' by Mavis Lee

Tall and thin with long blonde hair she is wearing a uniform; white, navy blue, black and neat shoes of ballet style. With a friend the schoolgirl is standing in the bus stops waiting area. Perhaps in school she looks different, but now her tie is wound round the long strap of the shoulder bag holding her books. The buttons on the blouse are open to the small cleavage produced by a pink bra, her smart phone bulges slightly in the breast pocket, black and shiny as she takes it out to look at the screen. No messages received or sent so she slips it back in. Her friend smiles and they talk.

Staring into the distance she moves her head to look round the noisy group of university students waiting for their bus to arrive. Bright eyes with long mascaraded lashes scan the horizon beyond the shops where people are walking in different directions to reach a destination at the end of the afternoon. This and the constant flow of traffic obscures her view at times. As the town hall clock chimes she bounces on her toes to improve it, or is she dancing?

Looking at her legs she rolls, first her black cotton knee socks down to her ankles in neat folds and then the waistband of her skirt up so that the hem is mid thigh. Smooth and summer tanned legs are revealed to match her arms as the blouse sleeves are pushed up above her elbows. Then as a final gesture she tosses her head forward running thin fingers through her skilfully coloured hair before standing upright again with a new tousled look.

He arrives, but she has already turned to face the opposite direction and when he touches her waist she spins round as if surprised to see him. Their lips meet lightly before both sit on the large sports bag he has dropped from his shoulder to the ground, leaning their backs against one of the square concrete pillars supporting the roof. She stretches out her long legs pointing her toes from delicate ankles. He looks at them and touches her knee, she giggles. The boys from the Grammar School have finished lessons at last.

Watching, I think his are just beginning...

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