Friday 17 April 2015

"Record Breaker" by Tracy Fells

When the nights grew warmer he started sleeping in the conservatory, not for company but to ensure his record breaker was secure from those who plotted to scupper his attempt. First, there had been the threats posted on Facebook, promising a stealth attack to spirit his baby away - weirdos who only wanted to see him fail. Then came the nuisance calls and filthy texts, from losers who didn’t understand what the prize meant, didn’t know what it took to feed a dream. He put time and money, not forgetting love, into her. This time he wouldn’t be beaten.
She was the one.
Thirteen pounds to go. Less than a stone, he whispered letting the cool water dribble over pink flesh. A rare bloom needed liquid and appropriate feeds throughout the day. A spike of anticipation licked the base of his spine. One hand slipped below the elasticated waistband of the baggy tracksuit bottoms, as the other pulled back her sheet, blotched with sweat.
She was magnificent.
The best gainer he’d brought on this far, already nudging fifty-two stones, and a survivor, a genuine star.
‘Come on, babe, one more mouthful.’ He dropped his voice to the lowest register he could muster. He’d read this was how nursing mothers spoke to their infants.
Her eyes opened half-mast, yet her mouth remained an impassive line, closed off like the bulbous lips of a ceramic Buddha.
‘No more loving until my little princess is the world’s heaviest.’
Inside the tracksuit bottoms his hand pulsated, beating in time with the vein in her neck.
Flushed lips gently parted for the spoon.
She was so compliant.
Before he could pull away, neat white teeth snapped onto the plump muscle of his thumb, drawing blood.

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  1. Wonderful, Tracy! Well done. I could also envisage a much ruder ending and it would have hurt him more than his thumb!

    1. Thanks, Jo. That sort of ending never crossed my mind ...

  2. Ha ha! Just me with a dirty mind, then!!


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