Friday 17 April 2015

'The Lovers' by Oli Morriss

They had been rushed into hospital, their faces wrapped in bandages already turning a deep red.

They had been placed on beds next to each other under the watchful eyes of the next of kin.

The next of kin had put a photograph beside their beds for when they awoke.

They had been pulled into surgery and the surgeons had pulled off the bandages.

The people in the room had tried to stay conscious.

The surgeons operated, aware at all times of the next of kin watching from the observation room.

They had skin removed and replaced – they had metal placed in bone.

They had their faces wrapped back up.

They were taken back to their room.

The next of kin looked over them, then left.

They woke a week later, surrounded by drips and doctors and a photo on a table.

The bandages had been removed and they looked at each other unseeing.

The faces on the photo were blank.

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