Friday, 17 April 2015

'Biscuit With Her Tea' by Walburger Appleseed

The kettle hissed and steamed as she stood waiting for her tea. She thought why not have a biscuit with that; so she arranged three custard creams on a little plate with dainty flowers and stuck the tin back in the cupboard.
She munched the first biscuit while she watched the water boil.
She snacked on the other two while the teabag steeped.
Crunch crunch.
She sneaked the tin out of the cupboard and set another three custard creams on the plate with dainty flowers, making sure she would actually have something to crunch with her tea, and not just tea to drink, which would be sad.
She set the steaming mug and the dainty flower plate on the side table next to her armchair and sank down into the cushions, propping her leg on the pouf, and found,
Crunch crunch crunch,
that the three custard creams had gone before the tea had cooled down enough to drink.
She sighed and heaved herself out of the chair, and this time she left the dainty-flower plate behind and simply grabbed the tin.

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  1. Crunch Crunch Crunch! What a great Flash now my tin is empty and I have tea left! Well done! I really enjoyed this.


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