'The Housework Robot' by Sara Cole

'Here, have you seen this?' He rattled the evening paper at her. ' A housework robot. I'll order one. You're not getting any younger, could do with a bit of help. ' He settled deeper into his armchair and carried on reading.

'I'll have a look when I've finished the ironing.'

He finished the sports section, and let the newspaper fall to the floor. 'I'm off to bed,' he said. 'Don't forget to empty the dishwasher.'

She drank a mug of tea and did an online shop. Snores drifted downstairs as she tidied up, unloaded the dishwasher and dropped the newspaper into the recycling bin. No time for reading tonight, she thought. Better clean the bathroom before she turned in. A ring round the bath could upset him for a week.

The housework robot arrived a few days later. She unwrapped it and pressed Start. It cleared up its packaging, then put the kettle on. She could get used to this, she thought. By the time he got home the house was pristine. She had her feet up on the sofa, and was sipping an ice-cold gin and tonic whilst flicking through the robot's instruction book.

'You're creasing the cushions,' he said. 'What's for dinner, then?'

She pressed the Waste Disposal button on the remote control and the robot followed him into the kitchen.

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