"Ornithologist" by Sarah Sillars Kane

He loved the birds.
Robins, finches, dippers, tits.
Although he despised the gulls, blow-in urban intruders. “Bleedin’ vermin! They’ll be the death of me.”

An ornithologist, not a twitcher. Twitching’s what the bleedin’ neighbours did.
Twitch, twitch, twitch.
He felt their beady eyes scrutinise as he filled the birdfeeders. The Parkinson’s made it a hit-and-miss affair.
Twitch, twitch, twitch.
The gulls wheeled, depositing guano.

Every Thursday the wife drove him to see his neurologist.
Always running late.
Always driving too fast.

“Duck!” he yelled, as a seagull crashed through the windscreen. The car twitched into a hedge, scattering the sparrows. It was the last thing he saw.

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