'Cycling for Happiness' by Steve Coel

In all fairness she’d been expecting the winter to be pretty cold. After all in November she knew well enough that what her family really needed was to get some sun on their bones.

But there you go, what you gonna do about it?

So; even being short of money and that, she’d taken them all away for the weekend for a treat, the break she reckoned would do them all a bit of good.

Houses were mostly boarded up, it being out of season, but she’d managed to book them into a side street B and B. Thing is the rides on the front were all boarded up for the winter too. As a result the kids were generally pretty miserable, but they say a change of scenery can put a lot of other things in the shade.

So they say.

Like I’ve heard that if a car drives on to your foot adrenalin gives you the strength to pick the car up so as how you can move your foot to safety. So I’ve heard.

Still, no one’s really sure where she got the strength to go into the water with the kids like that.

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