'Climate Change' by Foy Iver

You say you hate the gray days.

Hate soppy cuffs clinging to your ankles, socks squiksquiking in your Burnished Calf Oxfords.

You have no time for driving wet, for “long umbrellas in tiny spaces,” for layers on layers of rubberized fabric over merino wool and starched cotton.

You can’t understand why I don’t want to leave, why I pretend to enjoy the rain, why I want to piss you off and make our life difficult.

So you’ve given me an ultimatum: “soppy Seattle” or you.  

If I could give you my eyes, I would.

Then you’d see beauty in the downpour. Find serenity in the deluge. You’d feel it bathe your soul stained black with another’s sins, and you’d know its tears aren’t shed in sadness but in joy. You’d love your Pluviophile.

I used to think I could change you.

I know better now.  

So you should find your dry days followed by dry nights. Search until you have your sun, and sand, and shallow water that stays below the toe line.

I won’t pick “soppy Seattle” over you.

But I will pick my soul over yours.

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  1. Great story, Foy. Perfect for Flash FLOOD Day. (Sadly, none of my submissions were selected)


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