Saturday, 16 June 2018

We are the Rising Tide

Welcome, once again, to FlashFlood, now in it's 7th year.

In just a moment, the tsunami of flash will start and you will be drenched with perfect little stories for the next 24 hours. One will appear every 10 mins (with a few extras thrown in because the submissions were just too good) and if you manage to read them all in that time you will deserve a medal.*

Thanks as ever go to our sterling editing team who did wonderful work again this year:

Cassandra Jane Parkin
Susi J Holliday
Susan Howe
Ingrid Jendrzejewski
Caroline Kelly
Diane Simmons
and me, your humble host.

But the most thanks must go to all the great writers who sent us so many stories. We had nearly 400 emails, most of them with 3 stories in, so whatever that works out to, it meant a lot of wonderful words and so the choosing was all the harder. So thank you, flash people. You are, ever always, the best.

Anyway, that's enough for me.

Get ready to get soaked with stories!

We are the rising tide and we will lift you all.

Calum Kerr
Co-Director National Flash-Fiction Day

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