Saturday, 16 June 2018

Dear Parents by Gemma Govier

The theme of this year’s junior play is flight.  Your child will be a helicopter.  You are asked to provide a suitable costume which should include functioning propellers.  Please ensure your child is wearing sturdy shoes for weight, especially if they are of small stature.  Crash pads will be placed around the school yard in case of any take-offs, please be prepared to place them strategically under any descending children at school drop off. 
Please note the order of entry into school that morning:  Jumbo jets have priority, followed by helicopters, followed by hot air balloons, followed by budgies from the nursery class.
Parents are invited to come to view the play from the mezzanine floor after morning break.  Toddler siblings are welcome but please supervise them carefully in case they make any attempts to join in with the theme.  Refreshments will be available, proceeds of which will go to St John’s ambulance, who will be on stand-by should any first aid be needed.  There will also be an ideas board for next year’s play.  All ideas are welcome.  So far the children have suggested war, fire and speed.
We look forward to seeing you all.  Please don’t forget to sign and return the waiver below.

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