Saturday 15 June 2024

'Different Kinds of Friction' by Jude Higgins

We're out in the garden arguing. I say we can  never agree on anything. You’re so pushy with your opinions. 

You say we're solid, rub together well, so why be more pliable? We wouldn’t want to meld together like old chewing gum would we?
You add I should accept your force. Push back. Resistance is a quality everyone should cultivate. People are too passive.

I say if you stop pushing, then we will slow down and perhaps talk properly for a change.
I add that in the dictionary there are over 100 opposites to conflict listed, including harmony, consonance, unity and rapport.

You say nothing
I say if entropy means our whole universe is inevitably moving towards disorder and death, then at least we could try not to have friction between us.
You fetch out my manicure set and tell me to sit on the garden chair. You hold my feet  in your big hands, file my toe nails with such care.  How did you know I’d always wanted you to do that? You paint my nails green. ‘Matches your eyes,’ you say. Then we sit in the sunshine. I wiggle my toes dry. You read your book.

Jude writes flash fiction and organises events focussed on the short short form. She is widely published in magazines and anthologies. Her pamphlet The Chemist's House was published by V.Press in 2017. She has a new collection out in summer. Jude founded Bath Flash Fiction Award and directs the small press Ad Hoc Fiction and Flash Fiction Festivals UK

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