Sunday 2 May 2021

FlashFlood 2021 is now open for submissions until midnight on 8 May!

FlashFlood is OPEN and ready for your submissions!

We will open for submissions from 00:01 BST on 2 May to 23:59 BST on 8 May. 

Over the next week, we'll be reading hundreds of flashes and choosing a selection to publish in the next FlashFlood which will take place on National Flash-Fiction Day's 10th Anniversary on 26 June 2021.

Full submission guidelines can be found here.

You can submit here for free, via Duosuma:

It is 100% free to use Duosuma to submit. You'll need to create an account through Duotrope/Duosuma to submit work, but you do not need to purchase a subscription to send your work to us.  If you need help, Duosuma's technical support can be found here.

Unpublished writers, scroll down the page; we have a special submission call just for you if you'd like to be considered for one of our reserved debut fiction slots!  Look for the Flash Fiction (Unpublished Writers) call and send us your work!

The Water Levels Are Rising...

There's less than a week left before National Flash Fiction Day 2024 when we'll share another veritable flood of flash fiction here ...