Saturday 15 June 2024

'Spare the Rod' by Don Tassone

Dozing off on his patio, he was startled by the sound of glass breaking.  It came from the side of the house.

He got up to take a look.  His young son Aidan stood in the grass, facing the house.  The man saw one of the windows had been broken.

As a boy, he’d broken a window too.  He received his usual punishment.

Aidan began to cry.

“Come here,” his father said.

As the boy slowly stepped over, the man knelt down and opened his arms.

“It’s okay,” he said, embracing his trembling son.

Don Tassone is the author of two novels and eight short story collections.  He lives in Loveland, Ohio.


  1. I read FORGIVENESS in caps! Wrapped in unconditional lovel So needed in this world.


  2. Do you think it’s just coincidence that the author lives in Loveland, Ohio? The story is a wonderful example of how to love.

  3. The first thing a mother thinks of when she hears glass breaking is "Oh God, I hope no one's hurt." The relief when seeing a child crying with no blood anywhere makes you want to hold on to that child forever. Unfortunately, some parents see the glass first.


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