Saturday 26 June 2021

'Waiting Wishing Wanting' by Serena Jayne

If wishes were fishes, I’d wish for your love with one fat goldfish, won by the perfect Ping-Pong ball bounce into a glass bowl, whose inhospitable environment seems to magically repel hollow celluloid spheres, after all, carnivals can’t be giving away fish to every grubby-handed rug rat with a shiny quarter, but for you I’ll crack open my piggybank and wager every coin I collected since I was a kid until I won a fish to wish on, and if wishes were fishes, I’d be more sorry about accidently crushing your roommate’s blue beta with a miniature sandcastle statue, I never should have tried to clean Alpha’s tank with a belly full of bourbon or used the key I’d covertly copied, I never should have startled your roommate when he came home from working the nightshift, I never should have screamed back when he shouted words like psycho and obsessed and pathetic, I never should have insisted you’d defend me when you didn’t even come home that night; in the harsh light of dawn I saw myself as you must see me, in the funhouse mirror that turns everyone into sideshow freaks, because I was never your maiden, never your queen, never your goddess, rather I was the last resort which didn’t seem so bad with your beer goggles firmly fastened, the faulty choice with longer lasting consequences than a mere hangover, so you regretted choosing me, a poor substitute for the person you really wanted, yet I was always there waiting, wishing, wanting you—only you, and if wishes were fishes and you had a plastic bag containing a gasping guppy, cycling though every molecule of oxygen in its teeny tiny ecosystem, you’d be too smart to waste your wish on someone like me.


  1. This is amazing! Great jobs Serena.

  2. I love how this seems to pick up speed as it continues! Such vivid details. Wonderful!

  3. Love how this starts off sweet and b uilds momentum like a choo choo train chugging up the mountain only to plummet down the other side into the despair of the narrator. Excellent writing. Please write more


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