Saturday 26 June 2021

Debut Flash: 'Flip Sides' by Jaz Oldham

 Lakshmi: Goddess of love, fortune, beauty and prosperity.

  1. Red. It all begins with red. Sensual yet pure. A most auspicious colour. The bridal shade. The colour of the sandoor you will apply neatly along the parting in your hair, a visible prayer for the longevity of your husband.

  2. Star Anise. For the joining of two into one.

  3. Salt. To preserve. To flavour.

  4. Sugar. For sweetness. He shall lovingly slip your tinkling marriage anklets onto your sleeping feet each morning.

  5. Turmeric. Sunshine bright, bestowing good fortune upon you and new life within you.

  6. Cinnamon. Tranquillity and affection are the garlands adorning your gate.

  7. Garlic & Ginger. Tradition, honour and strength shall be blessings upon your hearth.

  8. 7 green chillies and a lemon strung together -To sate the tastes of your enemy. Alakshmi. Hang it outside of your door to halt her misfortune and misery entering.

Alakshmi: Goddess of poverty, misfortune, discord and malice.

  1. Red. It all begins with red. Except when it becomes a mist. Except when it runs in a drop down your beautiful face.

  2. Star Anise. For bitterness.

  3. Salt. For your lachrymose life.

  4. Sugar. Three in your tea, for the shock.

  5. Turmeric. To ease your pain. For healing.

  6. Cinnamon. The colour of your skin, before the black and blue take over.

  7. Garlic & Ginger. To revive you when you are broken, for such you will be.

  8. 7 Green Chillies and a lemon strung together- Alakshmi’s relish. But you have hung it inside your door dear girl, and allowed misery residence with you. Remember, the door you entered is also an exit. Use your fear to propel you out, where courage and strength will set your feet on a new path.

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