Saturday, 26 June 2021

'I Am Phosphorescence, And I Light Your Pain' by Amanda McLeod

Disturb me, and see a sky of splendid stars explode beneath your hand. Swirl me like the inside of you, send me spinning through the endless darkness of your inner oceans. Let each tiny point of my light chase the shadows back, so that what you lost and the cavern of emptiness it left behind are visible even in this, your midnight hour. I am the water around you, the life outside when there is no life within. Surround yourself with me. Go back to your beginning, to the spark, the moment existence began. Do not look away. Everything has a beginning and an end. Know this, and watch it all fade. Where there was light, there can be light again. I will show you the shapes of your hurts, make them familiar, soften their edges. Lie back in your boat. Release your fear and your anger. Throw them into the sea. Let me swallow them with my soft glow. Know that even here, should you jump, I will break your fall; transform you into a living firework.

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