Saturday 21 June 2014

Welcome to the 2014 National Flash-Fiction Day edition of FlashFlood

Hello, and welcome to another edition of FlashFlood.

This time we are publishing to celebrate the 2014 National Flash-Fiction Day which is, well, today! More information about that can be found over on the blog at, and if you feel like writing something today, you could doworse than to check out The Write-In.

But as for this issue, well, we have had more submissions than ever before - somewhere in the region of 550 - making it a very hard job to pick the stories. We are going to bring you 144 of them - one every 10 minutes for the whole 24 hours (so apologies to anyone on Twitter who follows us, or who has liked our page on Facebook; you are going to be swamped!)

We have every kind of flash-fiction: happy, sad, scary, funny, experimental, single-sentenced, tweet-length, introspective, extroverted, and all of them wonders to behold.

The first one will be along in just a minute, but I need to take time to thank the editors who did such sterling work: Susi Holliday, Susan Howe, Caroline Kelly, Katharine Kerr, Amy Mackelden and Cassandra Parkin, who make editing this journal a thing of joy. (And a wave to our usual editors Shirley and Annette - hope all's going well with you!)

And thanks, of course, to you, dear writers and readers. Without you, this would be 144 blank pages.

So, sit back, relax, grab your oxygen tank, and prepare to be flooded.

Happy National Flash-Fiction Day, everyone, and Happy FlashFlooding.

Calum Kerr
Editor and Director of National Flash-Fiction Day.

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