Saturday, 21 June 2014

'Dancing Wrists' by Sue Le Mesurier

Its magic, that flick of the hand, a measure of this and that, a twist of lemon, an olive, a scoop of ice, and then the dance... Each waiter his own dance! From cha cha footsteps to a salsa waist and then the tango elbow moves through to the delicacy of the wrist movement... The slow waltz! You watch an entire spectacle mesmerized and delicately the liquid is poured into the awaiting sensuous cool glass. Perfection is the finishing, the Zen moment, a beauty of artistic creation, and a scent of citrus blossoms. Against the backdrop of a setting sun and soft jazz I am lost in this perfect dance, a dance of the wrist... A moment of quiet contemplation. The peel of citrus, aroma of liquor, dancing ice, combine in sensual pleasure. Biting into a bitter green olive, sipping the bliss of flavours and smells... Alive at that moment, slowly, deliciously, and my wrist becomes one with his.

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