Saturday 21 June 2014

'Lessons in Karaoke' by Gillian Devine

“I’ve never sung this song before-“

“-so go easy on me…”

“Look my way / don’t be shy”

“Put your arms around me”

“Kiss me baby”

“Don’t give it all away”

“If you love me, release me”

“Come set me free”

“Come on over baby”

“Walk on by”

“Stay a little while, don’t be in a hurry”

“I’ll be your toy”

“Don’t play your love games with me”

“Tell me I’m sexy”

“My body is not for the taking”
“I saw you with someone else”

“Is s/he better than me?”

“Let’s stay awake and listen to our favourite song”

“Keep the pain at bay”

“Let’s talk about the future and times gone by”

“You left before the break of dawn, tell me why”

“Let’s not talk about anything, silence is golden (dontcha know baby)”

“I’m going nowhere, I’m completely beholden (baby)”

“I’m sick of singing the same old song”

“Let’s take a walk to a secret place”

“Just for you and me”

“We wrote our love story here”

“What we had once is going going gone”

“I won’t cry for yesterday”

“Does the story have a happy ending?”

“I can’t predict the future, I can’t perform a miracle”

“What do you want from me?”

“I can see us together for life”

“I can see us being husband and wife”

“We’ll always face hard times and strife”

“This day is a new beginning”

“And all I really want is deliverance”

“As long as you can put up with my drinking/cheating/abusing”

“We have to keep on living, or keep on dying”

“We’ve got no choice, it’s all down to fate (baby)”

“It’s do or die (do you get me?)”

“I can’t sing/I can’t dance…”

“But I have to say something”

“It’s my way of trying”

“…but I’ll just put my message in right here”

“…in the off-chance that something will make sense"

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