'The Holiday' by Tina K Burton

Martha had just returned from a very interesting holiday. She’d initially been a bit apprehensive, as she’d never travelled so far from home before, and she'd worried about fitting in. She didn't want to be seen as a typical tourist, she wanted to experience their life as if she was one of them. It had been thrilling to experience a different culture and it had also been a real eye opener. 
Martha often thought she could live without technology, but this holiday made her realise what a necessity the gadgets she was used to had become. 
It seemed so unfair that whilst she enjoyed the luxuries of modern technology, others lived such a primitive life.  But strangely, they seemed quite happy.
The one thing she did enjoy was their food. The different tastes and textures were amazing; a real change to the cuisine she usually ate. 
She’d had a problem with the language at times too. Although she’d learned a few standard phrases, she certainly wasn’t fluent, so there was a bit of a barrier on occasions, and she had to explain herself with hand gestures instead.
Never mind, Martha thought, I have plenty of time to brush up on their language before I go again. And I must remember, next time I visit planet earth, to bring back some souvenirs.


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