Saturday 21 June 2014

'Race' by A J Walker

She could feel everyone looking.
they couldn’t really see her
She crept into the area with the knowledge that this was where it was all going to happen. The best speck in town.
no one knew who she was. for certain
She felt her eyes jumping with electricity, like excited atoms before an explosion.
        her handbag behind her
An explosion.
        her heart raced; she smiled. no one could see
She took her phone up, pressed record. She was going to catch it all for posterity. The magpie cocked his head to one side, seeming to look at her suspiciously.
       she in a portable hide. no one could see her. she was there;
        someone was
Hidden in plain sight. Cocksure and happy as goosebumps plumed over her, hairs standing to attention as the moment approached – the phone was going to catch it all.
As her daughter passed with the egg and spoon intact she blushed; this video would be priceless.

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