Saturday 24 June 2023

'Let There Be Darkness' by Leila Murton Poole

On the first day

I extinguish the sun. It cries shooting stars that stain the blackness before they fade, flicker by flicker. It’s divine; the universe’s fireworks display.

On the second day

I watch humans stumble through darkness, lighting feeble candles. So, I send clouds to snuff them out. Collapsing the sky, white wisps drop into oceans, sponge-like, soaking up water until they sink.

On the third day

I raise the waters; full of clouds and sleet, angry with thunder and lightning. Nature suffocates. Trees drift unanchored, roots reaching, leaves drowning amidst the soupy mess of chaos.

On the fourth day

I throw cooled celestial bodies into the bubbling broth. Sun and Moon fall together, united after an eternity of yearning from opposite sides of the cosmos. They send tidal waves, washing away stubborn stars.

On the fifth day

I deal with the collateral damage. Outstretched wings and tarnished scales float aimlessly. Birds and fish, frozen in time, silent victims of humanity’s indifference.

On the sixth day

I stop the screams and prayers. Humans cower among cattle, clinging onto every cranny of the world they ruinedstill hopeful without reason. I crush them under the weight of it all.

On the seventh day

They rest. And so do I.
Until tomorrow. When I begin again.

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