Saturday 24 June 2023

'A CV of Jobs That Were, and Jobs That Could Have Been' by Slawka G. Scarso

A princess, because that's what dad called me. A ballerina. An astronaut, in the weeks before the 28th of January, 1986. An airplane pilot, in the weeks after the 28th of January, 1986.  A journalist. A teacher and a nun, when Sister Anne died and Sister Clara replaced her in our class and said that we could become anything we wanted. A teacher but not a nun, when I told my mum about my plans, and she cried. A hotel manager. A taxi driver. A journalist, but one specialised in nature, this time. A biologist, the year that Grandpa bought me a microscope for Christmas. A fencing Olympic medallist, in the summer of 1992. An interpreter (from Russian and Chinese). An architect. An archaeologist. Someone working in an advertising agency, though I could never quite understand who did what. An economist. An economic journalist, because there was a pattern, after all. A researcher at university. A researcher but for the industry, when I discovered how much university researchers get. A tax consultant, for twenty-four years, because there was a mortgage to pay, and bills, and school fees, and don’t forget the dentist for the children. A hotel manager, when I lost my job and thought Well, now, perhaps I could do what I really want, and it was too late to train as a pilot. Or maybe not.

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