Saturday, 18 June 2022

'When you lose patience with your child' by Madeline Anthes

Do not compare every little thing to your own childhood. Do not think of the necklace you lost – the one gift you received. Do not think of the tiptoes and the soft voices, the way you lived your life as to not interfere.  Do not think of the performances, the games, the times you made excuses.  Do not think of the apologies, the weight of absent hugs, the times you needed to hear that you were good.

Do not think about what was missing.

Think of the way you hold little hands in yours, the way you say I’m sorry in a way your ears never heard.  Think of the music that fills your home. Think of the way they will always feel safe in every corner, every space. Think of the ways they will think of you, the way your voice will echo into their bones. Think of all the voices that fill your home and how they will never feel silenced.

Think of the way they will know they are good.

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