Sunday 19 June 2022

Wandsworth Carers Series 2022: 'Untitled' by Nicola

This piece is part of our 2022 Community Flash Series showcasing new writing by the Wandsworth Carers Centre Writers Group. You can read more about the background to this project in our introduction to this series, find out more about Wandsworth Carers Centre on their website, and find them on Twitter @CarerWandeworth.


Untitled (Excerpt)

by Nicola


“Fae, may I have a word?” Asked Lura.

“Of course.” The rest of the girls continued on after Fae reassured them she would be fine.

“I know you’re scared of Fire, and I wanted to know why. Yes, I have seen it, but I would like you to be able to tell me.” Fae looked the Fixie in the eyes as she made her statement.

“All my life I’ve seen what Fire can do. I have never seen a force so,”

“Destructive?” Added Lura. Fae nodded at the comment, she had hit the nail on the head.

Who would want to control something so harmful?

Fire which caused pain and fear, the same fear that she had been living with most of her life.

“Fire is only destructive without control. Take Light for instance. With the right amount of balance, it can help us see. It shines on the truth and exposes deception. In the wrong hands and with bad intentions, it will leave people in the dark forever; blind. Power in the right hands deliver good deeds. You must want self-control to be able to do better. Please Fae, do not give up. It is you and you are It.” Fae snapped her head up to the Lura. The comment had brought her back to happier times, to a time where she had both of her parents.

“My mother said something similar to me once. It was a long time ago though.”

“Well, she wasn’t wrong. The powers you were gifted are not coincidental. It would seem the Elements were ready for you before you were born. Listen to the Flame Fae, trust it.” After the words of encouragement, the Fixie of Light levitated a few inches back and disappeared in a flash bursting Light. Fae sighed as she replayed the guidance the Princess had said. Trust it.

Trust it?

To her it was easier said than done. Other than the invaders, Fae had ran from having to use her powers. As she came out of her thoughts, she turned to see fairy Sparkle Rain floating in mid-air waiting for her, which caused Fae to jump back as she grabbed her chest. The fairy hovered a few steps back to give her space, and shyly tucked a strand of multicoloured hair behind her left ear.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were still there. I thought you had left with the others.”

“Oh no worries your Grace. If I had left, who would be here to show you to your chambers?” She replied with a shy smile. “Please, follow me.” The fairy glided past Fae and towards the metal doors. Fae followed her subconsciously, she took the chance to think about the path they had just embarked on. The power of the Elements, the prophecy and not to mention the immortal part to it all. On top of that, everyone on Earth needed their help. All the pressure started to give Fae a mild headache and rubbed her temples as she came to the door of her new room. Fairy Sparkle Rain flew forward and opened the door with minimal effort, then glided back to give room for Fae to enter.


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