Saturday 18 June 2022

'When Daddy Last Came Home' by James Montgomery

He bought me a unicorn. I said it was a stupid horse, but he showed me the horn and all. Said only those who believe can see it. Then he kneeled down and said something like sorry, but I was too busy feeding it magic dust.

One day, when I heard shouting and banging, daddy told me him and mummy were catching a leprechaun. Said they don’t like to share their pots of gold. His eyes were round when he said this – round like big fat coins.

Then, one night when mummy wasn’t here, I found daddy with a mermaid. Her body was all sparkly. She wobbled when she walked. Daddy got mad. Said I spoiled all the fun. Said she was meant to be a surprise. At that, the mermaid giggled. Blew me a kiss. Daddy put a finger to his lips. Said, don’t tell your mum.

But I did. And that’s when the dragon came. I didn’t see it, but I heard it, roaring so loud behind the kitchen door. I screamed and screamed.

Now, I don’t know where daddy’s gone. When I ask mummy, she looks lost in some faraway land. Stroking my hair, she says he’s out there, searching for fairies and pixies and imps, and other mystical creatures.

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