Saturday 18 June 2022

Debut Flash: 'They Said' by Shipra Agarwal

First, they said,

“How much can you eat, child? You’re gonna regret it when you grow up.”

“It’s not enough to study; girls need to look good, too.”

“Start dieting. Don’t you want a boyfriend in college?”

“Hey, Fatso!”

“Just shed some pounds and you’ll be so hawt!”

“I say this because I love you, you know that, right?”

Then, they said,

“Are you crazy? Who goes running at five in the morning?”

“It’s just one piece. What’s the big deal?”

“But men like curvy women.”

“Is your husband okay with this? Doesn’t he want to share pizza with you sometimes?”

“You’ve lost too much. There’s no glow on your face anymore.”

“Don’t take it otherwise. I don’t want you to get hurt later. I love you so very much.”

And then, they said,

“What do you mean we can’t talk about your body?”

“You’ve become too sensitive, darling.”

*eye-rolls* *mumbled dialogue*

“I’m not picking on you. I also said my ass has become too big, didn’t I?”

“What-ever, chill. God!”

“We’re just trying to help, you know? We love you.”

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