Saturday 18 June 2022

'A girl' by Melissa Llanes Brownlee

A girl sits, waiting. She reaches above her head for a girl. A girl to pluck from the tree of girls. The tree is full and ripe, the perfect tree for a girl. A girl wishes to taste the fruits. The fruits taste of a girl. A girl is sweet, salty, fiery, free. Fire fills a girl every day. A girl jumps up, stops waiting. Picks a girl. A girl tears into fiery flesh. A girl tastes the salt of blood. A girl smiles. A girl cries. The tree shudders under the weight of a girl. A girl is shuddered free. A girl falls for another girl to pluck. To pluck a girl. A girl is not ripe now but rancid. Rancid girls are no longer a girl. A girl is shocked. A girl is surprised. A girl shakes the tree again for a girl. Find a girl. Kiss a girl. Hold a girl. A girl holds a girl. A girl waits no longer.

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