Saturday, 15 June 2019

'Hope you're happy, now Mae done turned her ankle in a hoofprint' by Brandy Wilkinson

Them cows are starting to be a problem. Bud ain't fixed that breach in the fence yet – that corner he half-patched with chicken wire­ – and them heifers keep wandering out, right up to the house, sinkin' their hooves about five inches deep. Now, I try not to nag 'cause I don't want Bud minding my business neither, but I told him it weren't safe for Mae and Jimmy even to play out there! Today I ain't been out hangin' laundry five minutes when I hear Jimmy holler up that Mae's hurt. I run down the hill, dodgin' hoofprints myself, yellin' down the barn at Bud that I hoped every last neighbor heard the commotion and come runnin', seein' the clothesline full of his fancy underthings blowin' in the hot August wind like flags.

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