Sunday 16 June 2019

SAFE GROUND: Flash by Andre

Flash Flood is continuing its 2019 National Flash Fiction Day celebration with a day of flash written on the theme of 'epiphany' by men at HMP Wandsworth who were participants of Safe Ground's Flash Fiction Project workshops.  You can read more about Safe Ground and the story behind this work in our introduction to this series.

Flash by Andre

‘It’s a girl,’ he said. ‘Mr. Stevens, would you like to cut the umbilical cord?’

BEEP. BEEP. The notification read “Mike. I know you’re on paternity leave but it’s pretty urgent. Call me. Sorry.”

‘It’s a good thing she has her mother’s ears ay.’ Laughter.

BEEP. BEEP. Three new messages. “Mike it’s urgent. Call me. Big deal on the table. Cheers.” “Hey mate. Dinner and drinks Friday night. You up for it?” “Mike a ticket to Arsenal Spurs this Sunday with your name on it. Let me know asap buddy.” BEEP. VIBRATE. BEEP. New emails – five of them. “House of Fraser sale. 50% off. Ends today.” “Your uncle in Tanzania has passed away and has left you 1.3 million. Just reply with your bank details.”

An hour passed. Mike reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the device. Three hundred new notifications. He switched it off.


You can follow Safe Ground on Twitter @Safe_Ground.

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