Saturday 15 June 2019

DEBUT FLASH: 'A Blank Page' by Tom Beck

A blank page is like a new apartment. It’s exciting to see and to think about. Where will all of the furniture go? How will everything be arranged? But then, it’s a lot of work. All of the things have to be brought up. They have to be transported from the old place to here. And it’s hot outside, or maybe it’s very cold. And everything is so heavy. Why do we have so much stuff? This is mirror is broken too—throw it in the trash. Just get everything inside, put it somewhere, we’ll figure it out later. And the space fills up and nothing is in its place. It’s all scattered everywhere and there is no way to get through it all, so you push things aside, make paths. And you’re done. It’s woefully incomplete and not at all how you imagined, but you’re tired and now it’s dark outside.

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