Saturday 15 June 2019

'Under a Blood Moon' by VRL Thonger

Cole was fine-lookin with his sledgehammer swingin by his side. He gived me a locket just three month back when we bin goin a while and he said I was his gal and he was prouda me and we didnt got to sneak behind the dumpster for fuckin no more.

One ragin hot day he was gone for breakin work and I went and stood in the shade of the dumpster to remember me them sweet days. Seems like the dumpster on his mind too coz he was right there rootin that hobo girl Ella-May. They was burned on my eyeballs.


That night I says to Cole, let’s you and me go watch the moonrise. He says sure. Folks tell ya its hard to say goodbye but it sure were easy to tip him inta Deepdown Gully. He done gone too close to the edge.

When he stopped falling he was layin flat-out on a pricklebush like Jesus on the cross, and I chucked that dumb dimestore locket right after him, and a good glob of spittle, and I yelled down, you smashed my goddam heart like you done it with your own sledgehammer. I seen his eyes shinin but he dint say nothin.

Then I heared some yippin and yappin and it werent Cole.


They found him a whiles later, after the coyotes.  Dint no one say nothin or ax me nothin, me bein the heartbroke girl done lost her boy, but his maw gived me his sledgehammer for a keepsake. She still give me pie every Sunday, bless her heart, and they calls it Coles Gully now.

Folks heard Ella-May moved on and they said blamin things about her and maybe they heard them things from me and anyhows, aint nobody need to know what I done to her.

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