Saturday 27 June 2015

'They Always Get What They Deserve ' by R.L. Black

She was dead. No doubt about it. Daniel looked at the body on the bedroom floor. That’s all she was to him now. Just another dead body.

He rubbed the scratches on his arms as he stared at the purple marks around her neck. Damn it, she should have listened when he told her he was no good. Shit. This was all her fault.

It was always their fault. He kicked the body. Then he kicked her again.
Daniel went to his secluded backyard and took a shovel out of the tool shed. He dug a shallow grave, right next to the other three.Bitches. Got what they deserved.


Maggie watched him as he sat down at the bar. She’d seen him there before, talked to him once or twice. He was handsome, in a rugged sort of way. Nice big hands she was sure would feel so good on her body. There was usually a pretty girl with him, but tonight he was alone.

“What’s your pleasure?”

 “Just a beer.”

Maggie brought him the beer, and the place was slow, so she walked around the bar and climbed up on the stool next to the man. “Where’s your girlfriend?”

The man’s eyes flashed for a moment, and Maggie felt a chill run through her. It felt good.

He shrugged, took a sip of the beer. “Not my girlfriend anymore.”

“Oh. What’s your name, anyway?”

He smiled. A beautiful smile, something wicked and delicious in those eyes now. “Daniel.”

“Daniel. I like that. Like, Daniel in the lion’s den.” Maggie purred. “Well, Daniel, my name’s Maggie, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Daniel shook his head. “Maggie, I get what you’re going for here, and I’m flattered, but honestly, I should warn you, I’m not a nice person.”

Maggie moaned softly. A bad boy. Just the way she liked them. She laid her hand on his knee. “That makes two of us, Daniel.”


He was dead. No doubt about it. Maggie looked at Daniel’s body on her bedroom floor. That’s all he was to her now. Just another dead body. Bastard. Got what he deserved.

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