Saturday 21 June 2014

'The Note' by Astrid Sutton Sharkey

Rags of pink cloud signal that it’s maybe half an hour to sunset. He’ll be home by then.

I leave a note on his desk so that he won’t worry about me.

Hi Graham
The earrings I found beside the spare bed are enclosed in this envelope for safekeeping. It’s a shame that the clips are broken but a jeweler might be able to mend them. I also removed those empty wine glasses that were on the bedside table. Unfortunately, the pink pashmina that was on the floor has a little stain on it. There were a few drops of red wine left in one of those glasses and I spilled a drop or two as I put the glasses down. Sorry! Didn’t have time to run the dishwasher, so perhaps you can do that when you’ve had dinner? Have left a plate for you in the microwave. Enjoy!


PS Can you put the spare sheets in the tumble dryer when the wash is complete?

I walk over the hill towards Marcia’s house and switch off my phone.


  1. The note says it all – serves him right!

  2. Heh! I love the passive-aggressive undertone of the note. Good job :)


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