Saturday 21 June 2014

'Arnob's letter' by Soibal Dasgupta

Dear Farah ma’am
Before I write anything I must tell you that if you find any grammatical mistake in this letter then don’t blame me, blame Microsoft Inc. as I am totally dependent on MS office for my interaction with the world. I read your stories, I really love reading your work but I want you to do a favor for me. I want you to write a story, naming the lead character as “Arnob”. Please ensure that when he goes for a walk, none looks at him with pity and he takes his meals with his own hands. Apart from Arnob, please write about his sister “Pakhi” who would know that her brother is not an animal and love to introduce him to her friends.
But there is a character, for which I want you to give some extra time. Her name is “Rituparna”; she is the girl next door. Write about her eyes, big black eyes covered with kohl. Please write some attracting words for her hypnotic smile and name her brother “Ashirbad”, please ensure wherever you mention Rituparna and Ashirbad together, she must call him “brother”. Describe him as fat and ugly boy who would be jealous of Arnob’s six-pack abs and muscular body. With some sweet words write about Arnob’s mother… please mention that Arnob never helps her in every work because he loves her very much and he says it too.
You must be curious to know why I want you to write about “Arnob”. Arnob's life is not that easy as it may seem. The modern idiot box “computer” and the 8X4 window are the only doorway to the world for him. He either reads or perceives the world from his window. He has never visited Dhaka but feels the city through the Dhakai muslin saree drying on the next roof. Living at Rituparna’s locality is the only piece of joy he celebrates in his heart but then comes her beloved Ashirbad, who makes fun of him but Arnob sees nothing beyond her beautiful eyes and the dreams in it. You are a writer, can take him to new heights with your words. You can make him walk on his feet, loved by his sister and live with Rituparna.
Rituparna reads every story of yours, through your story I want her to know that apart from being “Pakhi’s brother” I am Arnob… I was born with Down’s syndrome but fulfillment of my desires lie in your words. Your words can help me do whatever other 17 years old boys do but I will love if you add few more qualities in Arnob. I just want Rituparna to know my name and my story from the Bangladeshi lady who writes because she has stories to tell…   
With love


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