Sunday 23 June 2013

Thanks for Reading

And that, I'm afraid to say, is the end of the Flood. We have restored the defences, piled up the sandbags and stemmed the flow at the end of another issue.

We hope you enjoyed all of these wonderful stores. They, as with previous issues, will stay up here so you can continue to enjoy them in a more leisurely way; to read, enjoy, comment and share.

FlashFlood is building up to be quite an amazing flash resource, with nearly 500 stories now on our site. Thank you to all the writers who have made this, and every previous issue such a success.

And thank you, of course, to all the editors who do such an amazing job behind the scenes!

By wrapping this issue, we're also wrapping up National Flash-Fiction Day 2013. Hope you had a good day and enjoyed some wonderful flash!

We will be back with  another issue, later in the year. So, get writing now and we'll look forward to reading your new stories.

Until then, happy flashing!
Calum Kerr
Editor, FlashFlood and Director, National Flash-Fiction Day.


  1. Thank you, and Happy Flash Fiction Day!

  2. Thanks Calum, Kath & co. Really enjoyed reading the stories throughout the day and judging by the facebook comments and tweets so did many others.
    Looking forward to the next flashflood. Already. :)

  3. Thank you, Calum, for another great National Flash Fiction Day.

  4. Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. Thanks for everything. Haven't had a chance to read much of this yet, but what a magnificent effort from you and all the contributors!

  6. You are all utterly welcome, it really is a pleasure!
    - Calum

  7. Thanks so much for a great day. I'll be reading for a few months, I think!

  8. Another fantastic issue. Thank you, writers and editors, for all the hard work that went into it!

  9. Fantastic! I'm proud to have a couple of stories on here and have really enjoyed reading some great writing :)

  10. A fab exciting day that is still creating a thrill! Nice job all. A pleasure to be a part of this. And thanks so much for considering my piece.


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