Saturday 22 June 2013

'Red Car' by Marian Green

She waved as the red car disappeared out of sight, walked into the kitchen, put the kettle on and sat down at the table.
The sound of the key in the lock startled her and within seconds her husband appeared at the kitchen door.
“What are you doing home? Are you ill?”
“No, I thought I’d surprise you. We haven’t had much time together lately and you’re always home first, but what about you?” She moved towards him, letting the sleeves on her negligee fall down her shoulders.
He took her in his arms, “Oh, I just got fed up and left them to it. That project with BLB‘s not moving forward, so frustrating. But we can talk about that later, come here.”
As they make love on the carpet he thinks, I must tell Rachel it’s over. I need to work on this marriage thing. My lovely wife needs me to be a proper husband
“We’ll have to come home early more often” he says.
“Mmmm, yes we will.” She gets him his favourite cigar from the draw, lights it for him and says, “You relax, I’ll just go get changed, be down in a minute”
Nearly caught she thinks as she tidies up and gets changed, we’ll have to be more careful the next time

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