Saturday, 22 June 2013

'Real life' by James Giddings

 My editor didn’t like the story I had written; he said it wasn’t ‘real’ enough. So I sat there in the brown leather chair opposite him, leant back and thought how I could make it more ‘real’.
            Then it hit me. I got out of my chair walked over to my editor, picked up the heavy globe-like paperweight from his desk and bashed him over the head.
It was hard getting him out of the building without anyone seeing, but I’d been there enough to know when security took their fag breaks, and as a writer you have to think creatively sometimes.
He was completely right though, the story didn’t seem real, and he had really helped me out with this one. I hadn’t realized how hard it was to get horror right, and it’s vital you do well with your debut.
The only problem now is I need to find a new editor, one just as committed to my art as he was.

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  1. Ha! A nice little reminder about a writer's vanity. Enjoyed it.


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