Saturday 22 June 2013

'Eye Contact' by Martin Porter

The last time she looked into his eyes, she saw an image of herself suspended in the humour of his eyeballs.
The last time he looked into her eyes, he saw an image of her self suspended in the humour of her eyeballs.


  1. Replies
    1. Many thanks, Jemima.
      I tried to break as many rules as possible - have a beginning, middle and end - do not repeat yourself - use your word allowance - you know the sort of thing.
      So it means a lot to get positive feedback.

  2. Love seeing this here, Martin! Breaking rules is fun, yeah. I love the way this requires several readings and re-thinkings, even though it's the shortest piece in Flash Flood (that I know of, anyway). Cool idea, cool images.

  3. Thanks, Michelle. I was lucky with this one! It was inspired by the UK newspaper "The Daily Telegraph" and its support of Brian Aldiss's "mini-saga" concept - flash fiction with a requirement of 50 words. This does not meet the criterion, and I spent a long time trying to make it fit! But the asymmetry and ambiguity is worth the failing!


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