Saturday 22 June 2013

'A Collection' by Jade Kennedy

She was one for collecting. She collected anything with a face; dolls, teddies, cards with wide smiles, reflections, drawings and sketches. She even had a chest full of memories, of faces from other peoples loved ones all sewn onto a cloth of yellow, fraying at the edges. 

I never thought this was odd, but she was a conversation waiting to happen. I was always offered a mirror when I went to her house and she asked me to make a face into the glass, once it was a look of love, a dark look of jealously and a look of a half remembered joke. She then stored them away like a grey tinted magpie. 

I wondered if this was because she had no emotions herself, she borrowed the thoughts on people's faces to wear as her own. She once greeted me with a childish look of surprise and another time invited me for tea with a matriarchal look of superiority. I couldn't help being fascinated by her - she was my greatest friend and I loved her just as she was, with or without those borrowed expressions.


'Waterbabble' by Francine Witte

Swim of people in the supermarket. Faces fishing towards me, all eyes and gaping talkmouths. Their shimmery bodies squiggling through the ai...