Friday 19 April 2013

'Magnetic Fields & Electric Fences' by Amy Mackelden

It was late, when we stood in a field, with fifty cows. The bull, you said, was two fields down, and you thought it would be funny to let it in this one. I wouldn’t let you. You, who listens to me sing without laughing. Which isn’t easy.

Earlier, when it was light, I sat on your lap while you sat on a picnic table. You came up with lines to let him down with. I liked ‘Let’s just be friends,’ emphasis on ‘for now,’ and ‘I’m unboyfriendable.’ You told me it’s from a song, but you wouldn’t sing it. It wasn’t late enough and you needed more to drink.

Later, in the field, with the cows, we lay down, somewhere we guessed was centre, though is sure to have been off. You said it was the most women you’d slept next to, not just in one night, but always.

‘Me too,’ I said, and you laughed.

            ‘But you’re not next to any women,’ you told me.

            ‘I thought you meant the cows,’ I said. ‘The cows are all girls.’

After the lines about the cows, that made you laugh, that shouldn’t have, I thought how I could never use that line on the boy I was meant to, and I couldn’t keep him hanging on either. You fell asleep before I could get you to come up with other options.

The next day we found the bull, three fields down, not two.

            ‘Not much to do, on his own, is there?’ you said.

            ‘Too much in the other field though, really.’

I told you then I couldn’t tell the other boy I didn’t want to be with him, with the lines we’d come up with. You thought I meant I chose him, which wasn’t it, Pétur. It really wasn’t.

            ‘This is where we leave it then,’ you said to me, ‘One wanting to give it a try, and the other, not brave, with not enough charming lines to get them out of dates they said they’d go on.’

So I stood, in that field with one bull, thinking how, three fields down, he had so much choice, but he didn’t know it.


  1. really like this one.

  2. I do like the weirdness of this, and the innocence, and the complications of relationshipping it hints at. Lovely.

  3. Loved it, Amy. I always loved your style :-)

  4. Welcome,Susmita!
    I just added your beautiful blog to my sidebar. I meant to do it awhile ago and forgot. You live in such a lush paradise, there on the island! Thanks your for commenting. fencing adelaide.

  5. I found it weird but I love the way you express your magnificent story. Will surely came back to check for more relationship and lovely stories. I super love it! If I can only rate your stories it will be 10/10.


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