Friday 19 April 2013

'Before The Memory Goes' by Perry McDaid

That dream!  Boy-oh-boy was it intriguing! Hey, it was a perfect original story. A few alterations, sure, but on the whole - spot on. Must write it down as soon as possible. Right . . .
First I have to be awake!
So . . . WAKE already!
But it's cold dark and unbelievingly uninviting out there in wake-world.
What? This could make me rich.
Hardly rich.
Well, logic does become warped in Noddyland - you know?
Forget I said that - sleep-land then.
Look, drop it . . . okay?
Hmmm, okay.
I still think it's a brilliant story - seriously.
All right then, if it will get me some peace . . . . Snore.
Here's the plan then.
Eh! Huh! Huzzat?
To record the dream, before the memory goes.
Ah yes, quite so . . . What dream?
You've forgotten!
Well . .
You have forgotten. It starts blah, blah . .
Oh yes, got it now . . . er . . How does it go?
Blether, blah, blathety blah, and then the delicate twist at the end blah-boom!
Gads, how did I dream that up? It's wonderful!
Sure is! Well, the plan is as soon as the eyes open, hands grab pen and paper, then print like billy-oh!
Right on ol' bud and partner - where's the pen?
Just above you when you wake - very, very handy!
And the paper?
Beside it - the hardback book!
Oh, yeah.
Now we're going to have to be fast - before the memory fades, or goes! Okay, I'll just rest momentarily to build up the energy for the task.
Seems reasonable, as long as we're careful not to slip . . . back . .into...dreammmm...


  1. clever & well written dialogue...have you read Eyes of a Blue dog by Marquez?

  2. I just had a look at it and read the first section in full before skimming the rest. It's a stream of consciousness piece. The format is not user-friendly (I've a headache now) :D I see the connection.

    I wish I'd been able to hold on to as much of the dream I'd really had. However, the notion to formulate a story from the actual forgetting amused me, so...

    It stayed in that hard-back book for 8 years and a house-move before I entered it into Acorns Competition in 1996 and was placed.

    This was the story of three that I least thought to be accepted.

    Thanks for commenting and the reference.


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