Saturday 18 June 2022

'Power Couple' by Paul Rousseau

We locked legs with each other like the instructional video showed us. We ate horse meat and fed the scraps to the dog. We each shaved off an eyebrow, me the left, Wendy the right, and spent hours forehead to forehead trying to transfer telepathic affirmations. We couldn’t brew the tea because Wendy wouldn’t go for decaf. She thinks decaf is a waste of time. So instead, we dug in the yard and plucked the legs from writhing insects with a tweezer – ground and snorted them.

“Feel any different?” Wendy asked, pinching the bridge of her nose.

We couldn’t make out if we were forgiven yet. The video claimed it would feel more like something lost than something gained. But we didn’t have time to think about what that meant. The gas canisters weren’t going to fill themselves.

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