Saturday 18 June 2022

'I Stole a Cloud From the Sky' by Mileva Anastasiadou

It was white like snow, light as a feather, and I gave it to my sister who likes being high, and she now flies like an angel, my sister is happy, away from the truth, and I’m yellow again, in my yellow shirt, a happy yellow, that shines bright.

I stole a spark from the sun.
It was bright like fire, warm like a summer day, and I gave it to mom who likes warmth, and she feels warm now, she no longer complains, mom is happy, away from all coldness around her, and I’m yellow again, I put on my yellow hat, that makes me look like a clown.

I stole an apple from the store.
It was sweet like sugar, fresh like a baby’s cry, and I gave it to dad who is sick, and he is fine now, doesn’t need meds,  he won’t die soon, dad is happy, away from doctors and stuff, and I’m yellow again, holding my yellow wand, that makes magic.

I stole a jacket from the mall.
It was bright yellow, like my shirt, my hat, my magic wand, like happiness and joy, it fitted perfectly and I looked happy, like they all cared about me and wanted me happy like I want them happy, but then the guard caught me, he’s called home but they’re busy, and I’m yellow again, dark yellow, lonely yellow, the kind of betrayed yellow no one cares about.

The guard says it will rain soon, and I’m blue now, sad, rainy blue, bright yellow has been exhausting, and I think of my sister’s cloud dissolving, mom’s spark will be gone, and dad’s apple won’t last, and they will have nothing again, like I have nothing, and maybe they’ll care then.

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